Hole Drilling Service for Recessed Paving Lights

We core drill holes from 20mm to 225mm diameter in paving up to 100mm thick. This produces a neat and accurate size hole in which to install drive over and walk over lights, brick lights, and other types of recessed guide lights. This is a workshop service that is used by electrical contractors, paving contractors, and general builders alike, and we can collect and deliver to your site if required.

Please browse through these samples of some of our work, other sized holes are available and you can call 07836 688091 if you need more information.


All of our holes are drilled perpendicular to the face of the brick or slab to ensure that full contact against the bezel on the light fitting is achieved. Depending on the specified diameter, the smooth sides of the core drilled hole will enable some lights to be installed with a friction fit, by tapping them into position with a soft hammer in accordance with the installation instructions.

A perforated brick with a 22mm diameter hole drilled to receive a small brick light. These bricks were built into the sides of brick steps to illuminate the treads on a landscape project near Leamington Spa.

A 600 x 300 x 80mm pavior, with a 225mm diameter hole drilled to receive a large recessed ground uplighter. An extremely neat entry cut was required for this project as the uplighters have no bezel to overlap the holes! This slab is one of many we supplied to a large commercial development in Nottingham.

These 200 x 300 x 80mm paviors have a 157mm diameter hole drilled for a recessed uplighter. Again, extremely neat entry cuts were required as the fittings have no bezel to overlap the holes, and the exact position of some of these lights also required us to drill across two or more paviors.

These block paver kerbs have a 62mm diameter hole drilled through the battered face for the installation of paving lights. They were part of an order for a new driveway in Coventry.

A Solid Blue Brick with a brick light fitted into a 22mm hole. This was one of several we supplied to form illuminated risers on brick steps, at a development in Northamptonshire.

This 15mm thick porcelain tile has a 102mm hole drilled through the centre to accept paving up-lighters. It was one of many installed around a private swimming pool in Stratford-upon Avon.

A 60mm thick block paver, with a recessed ground light fitted into a 62mm diameter hole.

A square slab drilled to receive a path light, it was part of an order for a site in Rugby.

This curved slab is one of several we supplied with a core drilled hole for a walk over light. They were used to create a feature in a circular patio at a private garden in Leicestershire.