Cills, Cappings and Soldiers

Here are four photos showing some of the 50mm plinth and sill bricks that were made to match the impressive architecture of the world famous school here in Rugby.

Using standard 65mm bricks, we had to cut them down to 50mm to make these plinths and sill bricks, and they are an excellent match with the samples they had provided. All these photos were taken at tea time!

A right hand corner plinth with stretcher plinth.

Sill bricks, each one is made from 3 individual pieces of brick.

A prefabricated Sill corner unit.

And this is how they will look on site.

A pair of prefabricated stop end corners, one left and one right hand, for a brick on edge capping on top of an entrance porch wall.   Made using double bullnose blue bricks, we were also asked to core drill a hole in them to locate a dowel bar on the corner posts of the oak roof frame.

A cill brick made by cutting and bonding an angled face into a standard brick. No drip groove was required.

A 90° external corner detail, made from cut and bonded cill bricks.

A 90° internal corner detail, made from cut and bonded cill bricks.

Cill brick made to match an existing detail, by cut and bonding three pieces of brick together.

SD. 1.1, cut and bonded 90° soldier return.

SD.34.21, cut and bonded 45° soldier return.

CP.1.2 wall cappings, cut and bonded to form a 45° offset.

These prefabricated soldier returns are for a 50mm oversailing band course.

They were supplied with open joints for pointing on site.