Angle Bricks

These brick specials all have a standard 45° offset. Other standard angles are 30° and 60°, but we can make angle bricks to suit any non-standard angle or size.  For these we can take the details from your drawings, or you can send a template showing the angle drawn around the foundation brickwork.

By using bricks supplied from your site we can reduce the chance of colour banding within the wall, and we colour match the long and short legs of each brick we make for further enhancement.

Collection and redelivery to your site can also be arranged.

AN 1.2 right hand Squint.

AN 2.5 Right Hand
External Dogleg.

AN 3.2 right hand
Internal Dogleg.

AN 3.8 right hand
Internal Dogleg.

Acute External Angles

These are cut and bonded and with a false joint for pointing up on site to give 1/4 bond.

Glazed Bricks

These glazed bricks have been carefully cut and bonded to make external doglegs and squints, with absolute minimum spalling to the glazed edges.