This quadrant border for a front doorstep was made from block paver kerbs accurately cut with a double taper.

This oval window feature was built into an internal plastered wall. The brick voussoirs are cut with a double taper and project beyond the face of the plaster, and top and bottom keystones were introduced cut from natural stone.

For this feature we also supplied the window frame, the drawing, and laid the bricks!

This is a bat ingress brick for a new build development in a conservation area. It is cut from a standard brick.

Drainage kerbs, cut and bonded to 45° offset.

These decorative brick bullseyes were created to compliment the semi-circular window feature.

They were supplied prefabricated on a backing board, and fixed high up as gable features before rendering.

This 1/2- pyramid plinth capping has been cut and bonded into a solid 3- course detail, with recessed false joints for pointing on site.  The vertical rear face has been epoxy sealed,  and course aggregate finish applied to key the mortar joint.

They are installed in an exposed location and feature on several impressive chimney details, where the stacks have been turned 45 deg. on their base to form a pedestal.

This created 4 triangular corners which are all finished with one of our plinth cappings.

These cill bricks were made to match an existing detail by cut and bonding 3 pieces of brick together.

Care was taken to ensure that every piece was of the correct colour and face orientation for each individual brick.

These rectangular section granite road kerbs have had a chamfered front face cut in them to allow hedgehog access over the kerbs.

They were installed in a new build conservation area.