Brick Slips

Brick slips are widely used for cladding applications, and the thickness to which they are cut will depend on their use. For example, they could be cut to create a brick quoin detail that finished flush with the face of a rendered wall, or they could be cut thicker so as to project beyond the face of the render.

The slips are supplied loose for fixing on site, but for smaller details such as decorative wall features and dormer gables, we can supply them prefabricated on a backing board with open joints to fix through prior to pointing.

A Header Slip

A Stretcher Slip

RH Angle Slip Return

Bed Slips

RH Slip Return

A decorative gable feature.

This and other designs have been supplied as brick slips prefabricated on a backing board, and fixed to the face of a wall through the open joints before pointing.

A brick clad gable panel for a dormer window.

The backing boards were cut to size by the roof carpenter, and collected from site with the bricks. They were clad with brick slips laid in Flemish Bond, and fixed to the gable frame through the open joints before pointing.

Result: ‘real brick, no lintel, and no support wall either’!